Just ten or fifteen years ago online gambling was just a tool for winning money but now it is a totally different experience. Online gambling has now several features similar to video gaming and what specifically each industry caters to the corresponding audience. First and foremost gambling online became a much more entertaining process but it also provides bonuses and rewards that can bring real money. Online gambling platforms compete with each other in providing better promo offers for their customers. Woo Casino Australia is a great example of a platform offering lucrative promotions and a wide collection of titles. However, you can find many other gambling websites with interesting offers.

The increasingly entertaining feature of the virtual casinos is just the surface level similarity. There is so much more to find out if to dig deeper into the two realms and see what they have in common and what remains different.

Video Gaming and Online Gambling Engagement

Live casino games have started to implement many more engagement techniques which is quite analogous to the ones used in video gameplay.  Though they might look a little less complicated or appealing visually they still provide an engaging experience that is hinted at even the catchy game titles. Online gambling services also increased their client engagement through the live gaming, chat boxes and audio chats that have been taken from video games such as various combat-type games, MMOs and several others which make the whole experience more appealing.

Better Skills Are Required for Video Gaming

In video games the players’ skill level has an immense importance compared to the virtual gambling games. The latter ones don’t require much practice at all, notably if someone plays slot machines which gameplay scenario comes down to literally pressing one button. Contrarily in the video games players can create their environment, choose character looks, move in 3D space, fight the opponents, work in teams and use many settings and actions variables. Every particular game trains the players multiple micro skills the set of which helps reach new milestones. Although slot machines provided online give much fulfillment despite the fact that they have a far from complicated gameplay.

Free Versions of Casino and Video Gaming

Considering the competition and the liberal approach of the online casinos players can easily find dozens of free games. Unlike land-based casinos the online ones often don’t require any access payments, they are prone to offer free or so-called demo versions of games. However, free versions don’t give the option of winning any money. Traditional video games can also be free quite often and they are usually rather high-quality.


Although video games have been telling much more immersive stories and providing a better visual design and settings variables and so on, online gambling has much to offer as well. It might look simple but it already has a much higher engagement and it keeps improving and all of that only adds up to the possibilities to win actual money.