Over the course of time, many different betting systems have been devised by many people. Without bookkeeping and mathematical calculations, it is usually not possible to maintain control over one’s betting system. 

The classic way of managing sports betting systems is often to keep the books using a pen and paper, while at the same time calculating the required odds or stakes using a calculator and certain mathematical formulas.

Tip 1: Get rid of paper and pen!

Many PC users are certainly familiar with the Alt-Tab key combination, which makes it possible to switch quickly between several open Windows applications. For example, it is very practical to quickly switch from the odds comparison page in the Internet browser to an Office page in order to record, log and document the previously read information. This office page can of course be prepared according to a betting system, so that the information received can be entered into already prepared tables or similar. Office programmes such as MS Office are suitable for this purpose. If you do not want to spend money on office programmes, you can download and use a very powerful office software for all operating systems free of charge at openoffice.org.

Tip 2: Get rid of the calculator!

It is often necessary to make mathematical calculations, e.g. to work out odds or stakes. To do this, you need corresponding mathematical formulas from which you can calculate the desired result after entering certain parameters and/or variables. Calculators can also be programmed with formulas, but it is much more practical to switch to a ready-made calculation programme with the Alt-Tab key combination. Here, too, Openoffice offers a suitable solution at openoffice.org, with which users familiar with MS Excel should have no problems. The calculation programme contained in it makes it possible to assign constants, variables or parameters to certain table fields and to link them with each other in formulas in order to determine results. Sounds complicated, but even beginners will quickly realise how mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication can be conveniently implemented here.

After an hour of dealing with this programme, you will certainly quickly realise the benefits and develop corresponding ideas on how you can confidently put the calculator aside. Input fields for variables or changing parameters can be annotated with appropriate texts, e.g. – Enter the back ratio here – and additionally highlighted in colour to make the whole thing clear.

The advanced, skilled user will certainly know how to combine the above tips with each other, that is. This means to implement protocol and calculation in only one application.

As already mentioned above, the topic has only been touched upon here, as the protocol and calculation applications must each be individually tailored to the betting system used. However, all interested readers should thoroughly test their calculation programmes, i.e. compare them with their conventional method, so that reliable results are always obtained before they are practically applied.

As the author of this article, I hope that I have provided as many readers as possible with helpful approaches so that the time spent on managing their betting systems can be reduced and the time thus saved can be devoted to the real thing, namely the passion for sports betting!