Where large sums of money and corresponding profits are involved, manipulation and systematic fraud are unfortunately sometimes not far away. Manipulation of the outcome of sporting events is a recurring topic, and not just since the biggest betting fraud scandal in football involving the umpire Robert H. and accomplices.

Only recently, the coach of the Pakistani national cricket team was found strangled in his hotel room. Cricket has always been considered a sport in which manipulation and betting fraud play a very big role. It is suspected that the coach had extensive material on match fixing and wanted to publish it. 

The so-called betting mafia certainly did not like that

Cricket, a rather exotic sport in our part of the world, is a national sport in countries like Pakistan, Australia, England and India. Billions are staked on cricket bets at the betting shops.

Experts estimate that in India alone – although betting is officially only allowed on horse races there – up to 30 billion euros are gambled away every year. Another example that has been the subject of much discussion recently is the boxing match between the two “old hands” Henry Maske and Virgil Hill. Rumours were doing the rounds that the outcome of the fight would be agreed in advance in order to market a subsequent rematch accordingly.

According to the rumour mill, the fight went to Henry Maske, but at least until now Maske and his coach Manfred Wolke have categorically rejected a rematch, so there was probably nothing to it after all.

In the wake of the H. scandal, the various sports betting companies have undertaken to report unusually high bets on individual matches to the major sports associations in order to be able to rule out manipulation in advance. It is doubtful whether this measure alone will help, but it is at least a step in the right direction.

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