Here we would like to present the – for us – four most important factors in relation to live betting:

1. Time factor

As the name of live betting suggests, the games are live and taking place, so it is quite possible that the game is already at an advanced stage and therefore there may not be much time left until the end of the game. And you should always check for yourself whether the times given by the bookmakers are really correct – because they are only there to help you – but there is no guarantee that they are correct and if you are in doubt, you have no chance if you make a mistake.

2. Patience

Especially with providers like Bwin or Bet365, there are a lot of bets especially at the weekend. However, this does not mean that you should bet even more on these days. There may be just 10 games offered live, but that doesn’t mean you have to place a bet at all. Patience counts here too. Wait for the right moment and then win!

3. Experience

Experience also plays a very important role in live betting. With time, you develop a feeling for which odds are appropriate/normal in which game situation. If the odds are then higher than the “normality”, you can confidently play them.

In addition, the aspect of experience plays a very important role, especially for the traders among us. If they see that an odds is too high – then pack up! The odds will fall back to normal and you can buy your way out – at a profit!

4. Hedging

The term “buy out” was mentioned above. Especially with betting exchanges (such as Betfair) this is a tried and tested means of spreading the profit over the various game outcomes. A small, simple example: Let’s take the game between Chelsea and Arsenal as a starting point. Now, before the game or at the beginning of the game, you bet on the Blues (Chelsea). After the score of 1-0, you had the opportunity to bet on Arsenal or X with a counter-bet (at Betfair “Lay”), to hedge your bets and thus secure a profit. If the bet had gone through, there would have been a loss – as the Gunners still won 2-1.

5. What role does information from bookmakers play?

Information in a match also depends on the bookmaker. The most common information is certainly the current score and the time of the match. But if you look at the top bookmakers, they reveal a lot of little information that can contribute to the betting decision. For those who cannot follow matches, this information serves purely as an aid. However, they do not indicate whether a player/team is playing better. Changes in the odds do occur, but these are not due to the bookmakers’ information, but to the course of the game or the betting frequency of the users. However, the actions in the game (such as corner kicks, goal kicks, etc) are not regularly (or completely?) displayed on the portals and this can lead to confusion.